Diane Wilson, an extraordinary "unreasonable woman" will speak on the topic of her environmental activism and her book, An Unreasonable Woman.

Activist Diane Wilson is probably best known for her deep moral convictions and indomitable will. She spent the month of July 2006 on a water-only hunger strike demanding that the U.S. withdraw its troops from Iraq. After 28 days of fasting (along with the group Code Pink), Diane was invited to meet with members of Iraq’s Parliament to break their fast in Aman, Jordan, and discuss the various peace plans Parliamentarians have been working on. Diane then traveled on to Lebanon to bear witness to the devastation brought by the escalating conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. She is now back in Texas where she continues her fight for environmental justice and peace.

Diane’s story started far from the war-torn Middle East, though. She is a fourth-generation shrimp-boat captain from Seadrift, Texas, who took on big industrial polluters and won. Her book An Unreasonable Woman tells the tale of her journey from “nobody particular” to a leader in the fight to clean up industry and hold it accountable for the devastation it causes.

Diane Wilson, a fourth-generation commercial fisherwoman and mother of five has been an activist since 1989. Since the publication of An Unreasonable Woman in 2005, her story has been featured in news media around the world, including The Washington Post, The Diane Rehm Show, PBS Now, Democracy Now! and The Bob Edwards Show. Her awards include: AlterNet’s Eco Hero Award, National Fisherman Magazine Award, Mother Jones’s Hell Raiser of the Month, Code Pink Woman of the Year, Louis Gibbs’ Environmental Lifetime Award, Louisiana Environmental Action (LEAN) Environmental Award, Giraffe Project’s Jenifer Altman Award, and the Bioneers Award. More info...

Venue: Big Picture Theater in Waitsfield, 7pm start.