Halle Tamez
Halle Tamez trekking in Nepal

All children in the world should be able to live with their families in safe communities and enjoy an education, have time to play, and learn the customs and traditions of their birth. Unfortunately, this is not the case for millions of children who are victims of child trafficking in the global market place.

Child trafficking is a crime under international law and a violation of children's rights. It is not a developing world problem unknown in the industrialized world. In fact it takes its ugly and varied form across the globe. It reduces child victims to mere "commodities" to be bought, sold, transported and resold. Trafficked children often end up working as domestic servants, street beggars, agricultural laborers, in sweat-shops or in circuses. In some cases, these children are forced into truly reprehensible forms of child labor such as prostitution, pornography, armed conflict, bonded labor, or other illicit activities.

It is hard to imagine and even harder to fight, but protecting the rights of vulnerable children in Nepal to live without fear, with their families and protected from exploitation and abuse is the mission of Next Generation Nepal.

Join Green Mountain Global Forum as Hallie Tamez presents an overview of the causes, tragic implications and hopeful prevention efforts to curb the global marketing of children. Hallie will also explain the mission of Next Generation Nepal and the strategies and successful stories of children and families reconnected after being torn apart during a decade of armed conflict in Nepal.

Hallie Tamez is the Executive Director of Next Generation Nepal, a US and Nepal based non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to reconnecting families in Nepal torn apart by child trafficking in post-conflict Nepal. Hallie's experience includes over 10 years in non-profit program design and grants management and 12 years in education as a practitioner and supervisor of professional development.  Hallie brings a passion for the people and culture of Nepal to her position, having worked with donors on projects targeting family and community based care for orphans and vulnerable children in the impoverished country of Nepal. She spends 3-4 months a year in Nepal building partnerships with other human rights and child welfare organizations, overseeing a program staff of 10 in Kathmandu, and participating in remote Himalayan mountain field expeditions in search of families and delivering news of children lost to traffickers.

Prior to joining NGN she was a Senior Program Officer at The Philanthropic Initiative in Boston and worked extensively with corporations, private and family foundations, and individuals designing strategic initiatives and managing implementation of grants programs.

Hallie is currently based in New York City but has ties to Waitsfield, Vermont where she has a home, raised two children and received both an undergraduate degree and a Masters Degree from the University of Vermont.

For more information, contact Green Mountain Global Forum at 802-496-2490.

Venue: The Big Picture Theater in Waitsfield, 7 p.m. start. The public is welcome to attend this free event.