Devindar Sharma, internationally renowned Indian journalist and food and trade policy expert.

Mr. Sharma, who resides in New Delhi, India is trained as an agricultural scientist and devotes his full energy to researching, writing and speaking about world hunger and malnutrition and how global economic and trade policies directly impact the fight against hunger.

His compelling talk will cover such questions as: Are genetically modified foods the "magic bullet" that will finally solve the famine and hunger problems that exist in epidemic proportions across India and Africa and in many nations throughout the world or will biotechnology bypass the hungry? Is there reliable science behind the claims that such foods will increase production without posing unforeseen hazards or are potentially disastrous consequences being ignored? Do industrialized nations have different agendas than those of developing countries on the best way to insure "food security" for all the people of this planet? What role do national and world trade policies play in the eradication of this seemingly perennial problem of humankind?