Dr. Alice Rothchild
Dr. Alice Rothchild

GMGF is pleased to present Dr. Alice Rothchild, Jewish-American author, physician and activist, to discuss her medical and humanitarian work and current conditions in the West Bank and Gaza.

Over the last ten years, Alice has spoken to audiences across the country about her personal experiences working on health and human rights issues in Israel and Palestine. Through her own lens as a Jew, she will bring personal insights gained through on-the-ground experience to illuminate issues of human rights, health care, and injustice in this difficult and complex part of the world. Dr. Rothchild's visit to Vermont is especially timely: Israel and Palestine, with facilitation by the US and other countries, are once again returning to direct negotiations toward a peace settlement during this month of September.

Alice is the author of the book, Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience (Pluto Press). In her book and her work, she grapples with the complex historical legacy of Israel and Palestine and her relationship to these issues as a Jewish American physician, grounded by the traumas of the Holocaust and her family's passionate love of Israel. The personal and political consequences of crossing lines raises troubling questions regarding US policy and the mainstream Jewish community's insistence on standing, unquestioning, behind Israeli policy. Dr. Rothchild invites us to engage in a different kind of conversation about Israel and Palestine, rooted in Jewish humanism, grounded in empathy and forgiveness, and coupled with an appreciation of the urgent need for political action. (from her website, alicerothchild.com)

Dr. Rothchild grew up in Massachusetts where her family belonged to the local conservative synagogue. She is on the staff of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and an Assistant Professor of ObGyn at Harvard Medical School. She is a co-founder of the Health and Human Rights Project of American Jews for a Just Peace, and travels regularly to Israel and Palestine to work with Israeli Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

Dr. Rothchild's Vermont tour is sponsored by Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine and Israel, and a number of local churches and other organizations. Green Mountain Global Forum is co-sponsoring her presentation in Waitsfield. The event is free and all are welcome.

Venue: The Big Picture Theater, Rt. 100, Waitsfield, 7 p.m. start. The public is welcome to attend this free event.