How are the planet's oceans faring and how is climate change affecting their health? Are the health and vitality of the world's coral reefs connected to the health of Amazon rainforests? How are these two complex ecosystems connected and how are they affected by carbon dioxide increase in the atmosphere?

Dr. Richard C. Murphy, current Director of Science and Education with the Oceans Future Society and long-time colleague of Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jacques Cousteau, will be addressing these questions and speaking about the connections between climate change and the health of the world's oceans, coral reefs, and rainforests on Thursday, October 1 at 7PM at the Moretown Town Hall. The event is free.

Dr. Murphy, or "Murph," is a marine biologist, photographer, writer and a very funny guy. But mostly he is a devoted friend to the ocean and its inhabitants. He grew up two blocks from the ocean in Long Beach, California. His father was one of those original deep-sea divers that you see in old movies... walking around the bottom of the ocean with lead shoes and a metal hard-hat. Murph's father would put him to sleep when he was a kid with stories of his adventures on reefs in remote South Pacific islands.

So, from a very young age, Murph was hooked on everything to do with the ocean. By the time he became a teenager he knew he would be a marine biologist. Dr. Murphy explains that a marine biologist, "studies the life of the sea. Some of us are teachers, others are scientists working at universities and research institutions and some work to help sustainably manage resources. All of us need to understand basic biology, chemistry and physics and be comfortable using mathematics and computers to manage our data."

Dr. Murphy has a Ph.D. in Marine Ecology from the University of Southern California. He began working with Jean-Michel Cousteau and his father, Jacques Cousteau, in 1968. Since that time he has been involved in a wide variety of projects and expeditions in many remote areas around the globe, including Papua New Guinea, Fiji Islands, the Caribbean, Indonesia, the Mekong River in SE Asia, the Amazon, Sea of Cortez, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Murphy's role in these expeditions has included serving as chief scientist, photographer, writer, educator, or project director. Dr. Murphy has authored over 60 articles in scientific and popular publications. He was the science consultant and managing editor of the 21-volume series, "The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau." He has published a book on coral reefs entitled "Coral Reefs — Cities Under the Sea." His latest publication is, "Water Alive," a small gift book about our evolution and deep connections to water.

Since 1973 Dr. Murphy has been involved with Jean-Michel Cousteau in the creation and implementation of field study programs for students of all ages. The objective in these programs has been to share the wonder and importance of the ocean realm to the public.

In addition, he is presently involved in the creation and implementation of the Sustainable Reefs Program, designed to help people in island nations better understand and manage their coral reef resources. This project involves a video, Sustainable Reefs, and cartoon book, Treasure on the Reef, presented in the national language along with a variety of supplementary resources. His role in these projects includes producer/director, writer, and videographer/photographer.

Venue: Moretown Town Hall, Moretown, VT, 7pm start. The event is free. Discussion and refreshments will follow the presentation.