Monica Cahilly
Monica Cahilly

Do you know where your medicines come from? When you go to the pharmacy, what information do you use to decide what medicine to purchase? Does quality matter to you? Or do you choose solely based upon cost? Do you consider whether something was ethically produced? And what are the consequences of these choices, not just on your body, but on the availability of medicines that are safe, effective, and affordable? How do patients in markets with less power of choice than Americans gain access to better medicines?

On Tuesday, October 30th at 7 pm at the Big Picture Theater the Green Mountain Global Forum will introduce "The Medicines Movement" with a presentation by Monica Cahilly. This presentation will outline the complex path by which medicines make their way to the consumer and highlight the importance of consumer awareness and involvement to help more rapidly identify risks and ultimately ensure that safe, effective, and affordable medicines are available to more of us. She will outline how thoughtful and active consumer engagement—in supporting enhanced product labeling initiatives and reporting product complaints and adverse events—may help improve the quality of medicines available to all patients globally.

Monica Cahilly is an independent consultant and "data integrity investigator" with Green Mountain Quality Assurance who has been working with domestic and international regulators and pharmaceutical and allied industries nationally and internationally for 22 years. Monica provides training in data integrity investigation techniques to industry quality auditors and regulators, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization, the U.K. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the Chinese National Institute of Food and Drug Control (NIFDC), and others. Monica has a master's degree in Genetic Toxicology from M.I.T. and is a member of several industry associations. She lives in the Mad River Valley.

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Venue: The Big Picture, 7 p.m. start. This is a free event and open to the public.