Ginny McGinn
Ginny McGinn

How can we each be agents of change in our own lives, and in our world, on any scale?

In a presentation at the Big Picture on February 21, Ginny McGinn, Executive Director of Center for Whole Communities here in the Mad River Valley, will talk about what she means by "radical change." She will talk about how we can show up more fully in our own lives and in our communities to make lasting change, especially as we understand more fully how change happens, both internally and externally.

At Center for Whole Communities Ginny has worked with hundreds of leaders from around the country who understand that personal growth and movement-building are connected, that the health of our land and the social justice in our communities are also linked, and that transformational change requires practice. Ginny will share stories and explore the nature of change and what steps we can each be taking to create a healthy whole community.

Executive Director, Center for Whole Communities

Throughout her career, Ginny has been deeply involved in the work of social and organizational change and in building partnerships across lines of power and privilege. She has a profound interest in how change happens, from the level of individual transformation through the level of entire communities or systems, and it is this process of change that she seeks to continue to study and facilitate in her leadership at Whole Communities. (See additional bio.)

Previously, Ginny served as president of Bioneers, a national nonprofit dedicated to disseminating practical and visionary solutions for restoring Earth’s ecosystems and healing human communities. While at Bioneers she and her colleagues greatly expanded the reach of its programs by launching satellite conferences and building partnerships in cities around the country and by empowering youth activists to join.

Ginny's interest in transformational change has also led her to work in education: before moving to Vermont, she was the director of advancement at the Santa Fe Preparatory School, helping to create access to world-class education for students from diverse backgrounds. She has served on the advisory board of Breakthrough Santa Fe, which is part of the national Breakthrough Collaborative, a tuition-free program supporting under-served public school students on a path to college. Ginny currently serves on the board of directors of Alliance for Earth.

Ginny facilitates workshops and offers consulting on organizational change around the country, using the many tools she has helped develop at Whole Communities. She also speaks on the idea of "radical change," how the process of personal transformation and social change are linked and can be mutually enhanced through specific practices and deep understanding.

Ginny lives with her husband, Tim, and their two children in Warren, Vermont.

View the video of the event, Radical Change: Creating New Pathways for the Future.


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Venue: The Big Picture, 7 p.m. start. This is a free event and open to the public.