Maude Barlow
Maude Barlow, photo credit Clinton
Global Initiative / Adam Schultz.

The world is running out of fresh water. The crisis plays out before us in California and the US western states, as well as across the globe. As it is, only a fraction of 1% of all the water on the planet is considered both fresh and accessible. Indeed, water is so essential to our daily lives, it is difficult to imagine a future of drought across the earth and the upheaval which would result.

Yet, this future is not all doom and gloom. There are technologies and expertise to address the challenges, and there is a path forward, both for Vermonters and the world at large. On Tuesday, May 26th at the Big Picture, Green Mountain Global forum will host a "double header" dedicated to a resource that is the foundation of life on this planet: WATER.

The examination will begin with a free screening at 4:00 pm of the film, "What's Your Watermark?" a co-production of The H Team and Clear Water Filtration. Jen Fleckenstein, Business Manager at Clear Water Filtration, says the film came from "a desire to educate Vermonters on water issues both locally and globally, and challenge them to make their impact more positive." Following the film Fleckenstein will share her perspective on this film, issues around water quality, and the work of Pure Water for the World. She will be joined by Steve Parker of Clear Water Filtration and Carolyn Crowley-Meub, Pure Water for the World to round out a Q&A session.

During a break for dinner, the lobby of the Big Picture will serve as an information hub for various organizations concerned about water. Friends of the Mad River, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Pure Water for the World, and more will be on hand to share information and resources with water concerned attendees.

Then, at 7:00pm, Maude Barlow takes the stage to speak on the origins of the water crisis and offer a plan for recovery based on four principles toward a water secure future. According to author and social activist Naomi Klein, "Barlow has been on the front lines of this critical battle, and her insights on how water can serve as our guide to a more just, sustainable world are a gift to us all." Following her presentation, Barlow will be joined by Vermont Natural Resources Council (VNRC), who will provide an update on Vermont's water issues, where we are with water related legislation, and what next steps Vermonters can take to improve water quality in their backyard, and across the state. A question and answer session will follow.

Maude Barlow is the National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and chairs the board of Washington-based Food and Water Watch. She serves on the executive board of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and is a Councilor with the Hamburg-based World Future Council. She is the recipient of twelve honorary doctorates as well as many prestigious awards, including the 2005 Right Livelihood Award (known as the "Alternative Nobel"). Her 17th book, Blue Future: Protecting Water For People And The Planet Forever, was recently published to notice and acclaim, and after which we titled this event.

This FREE event is brought to you by Green Mountain Global Forum, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Clear Water Filtration and Friends of the Mad River.

Blue Future, Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever

Venue: The Big Picture, 4 p.m. start.