This summer, local Montpelier legend Dot Helling joined an international team of athletes in a run across the world, passing the baton in cities, town squares, deserts and rural communities to raise awareness about the need to protect the world's fresh water. The run was inspired by the fact that over 1.1. billion people globally do not have access to safe drinking water and 6,000 humans, mostly children, die every day from lack of access to clean, safe drinking water. Around the world, wells are running dry, and communities are warring over water. These crises are real and they are intensifying. And, they are not isolated to places beyond Vermont borders.

To help us understand the global and local issues we face around water, Dot Helling will team up with Vermont Natural Resources Council Water Program Director Jon Groveman to present "The World’s Water Crisis: A Global and Local Perspective."

Hear from Dot about what inspired her to run across the world, what water problems global communities are facing, and why she cares so deeply about the fate of Vermont’s fresh water supplies. Learn more about some of the water problems Vermont communities have faced – and will continue to face – without proactive and adequate protections in place to keep the Green Mountain State’s water supplies safe and secure. Learn how you can join Dot, VNRC and other Vermonters who will work this year and beyond to keep Vermont's freshwater supplies pure, public and plentiful.

Jon Groveman, Vermont Natural Resources Council Water Program Director and General Counsel. Jon is one of Vermont's foremost experts on water policy. For the last several years, Jon has studied Vermont's water laws, looking particularly at how the state manages groundwater — the fresh water flowing beneath our feet. From this research, VNRC identified a troubling gap in Vermont's water laws; one that allows large-scale water withdrawals to go largely unmonitored and unregulated. This information catalyzed VNRC to study what steps the state can take to address this issue — before problems arise. Based on a comprehensive analysis of how other state's in the nation manage their groundwater resources, and Vermont’s unique hydrology and interests, VNRC has been working with legislators and concerned citizens to press for the state to enact a comprehensive groundwater protection program. The Legislature is currently considering such a program.

Before joining VNRC in 2004, Jon served as Executive Officer of the Vermont Water Resources Board. Before that, Jon served as Director of the Law Center for the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, Land Use Attorney for the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources and legal counsel to the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Venue: Valley Players Theater in Waitsfield, 7pm.