The Global Health Media Project (GHMP), a local/global non-profit in the Mad River Valley, designs and produces video and animation to teach frontline health workers and families more effectively in low-resource settings. Since 2012, GHMP has produced 60 videos on key topics related to newborn and maternal care, birth, and breastfeeding. The organization has also produced two widely acclaimed animation shorts, The Story of Cholera and The Story of Ebola. As of mid-2015, more than 3,500 organizations use its videos including WHO, UNICEF, MSF, Save the Children, Health Ministries, teaching institutions, and NGOs large and small. The videos are designed for use on mobile devices and distributed widely on the Internet, where they are streamed or downloaded for offline use.

Deb Van Dyke and Peter Cardellichio will share their journey from non-profit start-up to far-reaching organization providing much-needed resources to underserved regions. How is their work helping health workers and making a difference? What is the potential future impact of this type of tool on global health? And what are the next goals for this young, ambitious effort? Cardellichio and Van Dyke will share some of the films they have produced and answer questions at the end of their presentation.

Global Health Media Project banner

Deb van Dyke is the founder and director of GHMP. She has three decades of experience as a family practice clinician (in Waitsfield) and a humanitarian aid project coordinator. She has worked internationally since 1993—most often with MSF/Doctors Without Borders—in conflict and post-conflict settings in Asia and Africa. Deb is the GHMP's producer and technical director, involved in all phases of design and production of its clinical videos and public health animation.

Peter Cardellichio is the Associate Director of GHMP. He is involved in all aspects of the organization, with special focus on strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational development. This work combines his passion for global health, his expertise in statistics and economics, and his background in international resource issues and development.

Venue: The Big Picture, 7 p.m. start. This is a free event and open to the public.