Mansour Farhang, former Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations and professor at Bennington College, is brought to the Valley through the support of the Vermont Humanities Council.

Generations of difficult relations between the US and Iran have reached a new zenith over the issue of Iran's burgeoning and sophisticated nuclear program. Can Iran be turned away from its ultimate goal of turning nuclear power into nuclear weapons? What if anything can or should be done to defuse this crisis?

An Iranian who served as Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations following the 1979 revolution, Farhang resigned in protest when his efforts to negotiate the release of the American hostages failed. Two years later he was forced to leave Iran and came to the US where he pursued an academic career focused on the history and politics of his homeland. He is currently a professor of politics at Bennington College and the author of two books and dozens of articles in English and Persian. His work has appeared in a variety of newspapers, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor.

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