Panelists: Dan Reicher, President of New Energy Capital and former Assistant US Secretary of Energy under President Clinton; Scudder Parker, Vermont gubernatorial candidate and former head of Vermont Energy Efficiency Division; and Lawrence Mott, general manager of Earth Turbines and former Chair of Renewable Energy Vermont. The panel was moderated by GMGF board member Elizabeth Levey, energy trader and owner of a residential home heating company in New York.

People will have a unique opportunity to gain an inside perspective on the landscape of our energy future. What are the policies, technologies, and social factors that will shape energy issues? What alternatives to fossil fuels will prove to be most viable? What can we do to implement them?

The Green Mountain Global Forum panel, "Energy at the Crossroads: Global Factors, Local Solutions" will open a dialogue on the many opportunities we have on the global, national and local levels to move beyond our dependence on oil and benefit from the cleaner technologies available.