Vermont Cannabis Collaborative (VTCC)

The Vermont Cannabis Collaborative (VTCC) will be hosting a public meeting and information night from 7:00 to 9:00 pm on Friday, October 2 at the BIG PICTURE THEATER in Waitsfield, Vermont to explore the future economy of cannabis legalization here in Vermont. Co-sponsored by Green Mountain Global Forum, the meeting will include background on how cannabis is regulated in other parts of the world, and across the U.S. What worked well in other regions, and why?

This event is free and open to the public, and will bring together Vermont farmers, entrepreneurs and interested citizens to discuss how cannabis legalization in Vermont might benefit farmers, the agricultural sector, and the Vermont economy as a whole. Other states and countries have learned lessons we can apply to Vermont. What options might be the best fit for Vermont and Vermonters?

"VTCC will be sharing the results of our summer 2015 research into a statewide, collaborative and strategic approach to present to the Legislature for an emerging Vermont cannabis industry," explains Waitsfield resident Rob Williams, VTCC steering committee member. "We see cannabis legalization as a nonpartisan issue for Vermont that Republicans, Democrats, Progressives and decentralists can all support, and we are seeking ideas and input from all interested Vermonters."

The Vermont Cannabis Collaborative's mission is to support development of the Vermont cannabis industry so that it is imbued with Vermont values and achieves the greatest contribution to Vermont's needs in economic sectors including medical, recreational, tourism, agricultural and specialty foods. VTCC steering committee members include Dan Cox of Coffee Enterprises, Michael Jager of Solidarity of Unbridled Labour, Alan Newman founder of Magic Hat, Judy MacIsaac Robertson co-founder of Highland Sugarworks, Hinda Miller of Jogbra, Will Raap of Gardener's Supply, and Rob Williams, professor of policy/communications at the University of Vermont.

Vermont Cannabis Collaborative (VTCC)

Venue: The Big Picture, 7 p.m. start.