"If we weighed the carbon missing from our farm and ranch lands it would just about equal the excess carbon that is in the air," says Malcolm Beck, author of The Secret Life of Compost.

"Environmental problems, worldwide, can be solved by understanding and working with the carbon cycle on our farms, ranches, gardens and landscapes. If man understood the laws of recycle and return, he would without delay put back onto the land all manure and organic waste he generates. Understanding these positive laws will determine mans future on Earth," he adds.

Malcolm Beck has spent almost a lifetime in the study, experiment and practice in the areas of soil building and maintenance and of the recycling of organic wastes. Malcolm owned and ran Garden-Ville, a successful organic farm with its own marketing center, for decades. Gradually his interest focused on how to achieve and permanently maintain the finest soil quality. Now he operates a successful business in composting and selling soil mixes that enrich countless gardens and fields.

Author of numerous books and articles on building soils, compost, the carbon cycle, and more, GMGF is proud to host Malcolm Beck, on Thursday, April 3, 7 pm at Valley Players Theater in Waitsfield. Free. The Mad River Valley Localvores are co-hosting the event.

Venue: Valley Players Theater, Waitsfield, 7pm start.