Robert Barry, US Foreign Service professional, former US Ambassador to Bulgaria and Indonesia, and foreign election consultant.

Locals will have a unique opportunity to gain an inside perspective on U.S. foreign policy and recent efforts at nation building. With well over $200 billion of U.S. taxpayer money and 1000’s of military and citizen personnel committed to carrying out U.S. foreign policies, what is the local and global impact of our efforts?

Robert L. Barry will address these issues in his talk "Nation Building: Imperial Overreach or Necessary Defense?"

Mr. Barry served as US ambassador to Indonesia and Bulgaria, and has spent 34 years in the US Foreign Service. He currently is a consultant on election issues and has headed or participated in election missions in Afghanistan, Serbia, Armenia, Albania, the Russian Federation, and Kazakhstan. Mr. Barry will share a wealth of information regarding the effect of U.S. foreign policies on emerging nations.